samedi 7 mai 2011

Patrice by JR

Voici un de mes "coups de coeur" artistiques ... j"écoute ce chanteur depuis bientôt une dizaine d'année et j'adore toujours autant. Il n'hésite pas à changer son approche musicale, à mélanger les styles du reggae à la folk en passant par la soul, à se renouveler en ayant toujours le même message : la tolérance, le partage, la paix et bien entendu l'amour.
Enjoy ...

“I have progressed in many areas. In the past, I let other people direct and produce my albums, and finally in listening to them again, I find ‘Free-Patri-Ation’ too smooth, for example. For ‘One,’ I took charge. I had a precise idea in my head: to marry the extremes, to mix guitars and Western pianos with a rhythmic, African-funk-infused sound. It was truly a pleasure to record this album, because I dealt with it with the enthusiasm of a young child. I tried to break the habits and methods of creation, to start from zero and to treat it as if everything was new, as if it was my first album. This could also be the significance of it’s title, ‘One.’”


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